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mint.lgbt Privacy Policy

Last updated June 21st, 2024

One of the core goals for mint.lgbt is offering privacy-friendly services for its users. This document aims to detail how we collect, process, and store the information you provide to us, with full transparency of our inner workings.


All services will log an anonymized version of your IP address, along with its corresponding request, user agent, and timestamp. For example, a connection made by, would be stored as The following data may also be stored, depending on the service:
Service User Preferences Email Addresses Uploaded Files Chat Messages


The data we collect may only be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide basic functionality of all services
  • To moderate the platform in case of abuse
  • To monitor the correct functionality of all services

  • Data (with the exception of logs) may only be shared with Backblaze, Inc, for the purpose of keeping backups in case of catastrophic data loss. This data is stored using server-side encryption and is retained under our same policy.

    Additionally, any data transmitted through federated platforms (ex. Matrix, XMPP) will also require applying to the privacy policies of the corresponding destination. In simpler terms, if a user sends a message on Matrix to "@bob:example.com", the user will be agreeing to the remote server's privacy policy.


    The retention periods for data stored in mint.lgbt may vary depending on their type. This list details retention periods for each category.

  • Logs, Media/Messages (XMPP): 7 days
  • Other: Indefinitely, unless removed by request (7 days in that case)
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