BREAKING NEWS: Our infrastructure has moved to full self-hosting! A lot of services have been added, so try them out for yourself!
Local services
Element Element [J]
Femgit Femgit [E]
Chibisafe Chibisafe [J]
Miniflux Miniflux [E]
Alternative frontends
CloudTube CloudTube [E]
Redlib Redlib [E]
4get 4get [E]
Shoelace Shoelace
BreezeWiki BreezeWiki [E]

Welcome to!

Join the Matrix room! is a service provider built for and run by LGBTQIA+ people. Founded in 2020, we're a non-profit run by Lux and Luna focusing on providing privacy-respecting FOSS services.

Id. Description
E The website is enhanced with optional JavaScript features
J The website requires JavaScript to function

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