Terms of Service

Hello and welcome to mint.lgbt!

Before accessing any of our services you must agree to our terms of service.


Our goal with mint.lgbt is preventing harassment and bullying specially from minorities like the LGBTQ+ and color, so do not harass any individuals on our platform. This may result in a permanent termination of your accounts and a restriction across services.

You may not submit or do illegal content/activities under mint.lgbt. We will contact authorities of the respective countries and restrict user accounts and IPs if actions like these are commited. This may also include grooming.

NSFW/NSFL content

On publicly-seen servers you may not submit NSFW nor NSFL content without warning. This may cause an account termination/suspension or an IP restriction. You can however post this content in private chats or with NSFW flags.

Open-source software credits

mint.lgbt uses various software from many developers, so licensing of each sector of mint.lgbt corresponds to the licensing of the software used. For reference:


You may not interfere with the operations of mint.lgbt in any way. This may also cause an IP restriction or in worse cases a report with authorities.