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Hello everyone! Thanks for all of the feedback these past few days. I've been talking with people who are more experienced in these subjects. In a nutshell: is NOT shutting down.

First, I want to apologize for taking things to this point. I should've evaluated this situation with deeper care, to ensure whether this was the right path for the future or not. I'll be frankly honest, right now I'm not in the best of places financially. For a long time I thought of selling the domain as my last resort to get cash quick in cases like this. It turns out, I was wrong. The domain holds little to no monetary value, because it simply isn't commercial. And while it's true that the project is financially taxing, I've found a potential future path that will keep the project running exactly the same if not better, and solves our financial struggles from running it.

We've moved already part of our infrastructure away from our main VPS, which has been the single biggest cost throughout the entire project's history, and into several of our homeservers. For instance, our Matrix and XMPP servers are running in my home, a few meters away from where I'm typing this announcement. The idea is to slightly bump the specs on my homeserver in order to move every remaining service away from our VPS and into it. The only exception is email, which will have to be moved to a separate VPS. However, we'll be moving away from our current email server, and into Stalwart, which has proven to be pretty well optimized from my testing.

This, in total, reduces our yearly operating costs from $194 USD, down to $86 USD. This accounts for our domain, backups, and server bills.

I'd like to give special thanks to Cadence, who I extensively talked with in order to reach this conclusion. And thanks to everyone who has used and participated in the project. It means a lot to me that people are interested in what I do. I'm looking forward to keep running with y'all. And if y'all wanna help run the project, you're more than welcome! Just shoot me an email and we can see what comes out of it.


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