Privacy Policy

Welcome to! Here we’ll describe how we collect, use and store this data.

Data we collect

We collect the following data without the manual input of the user:

  - IP address

We collect the following data with the manual input of the user:

  - Username
  - Email address
  - Files uploaded by the user
  - OAuth connections (Connections between other third-party services)

How we use this data

We use the data specified:

How we store this data

The data collected here is stored in server logs and databases. User inputed data will be stored until the user decides to request deletion of it. IP addresses may be stored in logs up to 1 month.

Upon reciving the request of data deletion, we will begin the process of removing all your data from the server. Please allow us 5-7 business days to complete this process.

Please note that if other users from other servers interacted with you, your profile information and posts were transmitted to those services. While we can remove your data from our servers, we cannot remove your data from their servers.